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How to Help Your Toddler Move Into A Big Kid Bed

Transitioning toddlers into big kids beds can be a process. Change is difficult for most people but it can be especially difficult for little people. Sometimes you get lucky. Some cribs transition into kids beds. That can make the process a lot easier because the change is more gradual. But for those who are moving their children from cribs into kids beds, here are a few tips to help you out.

Avoid Other Transitions

Try to avoid transitioning into big kids’ beds by Incy Interiors at the same time that other changes are happening. If you are working on potty training, maybe you should put the move to a bed on hold. If a new baby is coming– and that is why he is moving to a bed– try to start the move at least 8 weeks before your due date. Taking on too many new things can overwhelm your child and set him back.

Start Talking About It Ahead of Time

Long before you begin making the transition, you might begin easing your child into the idea of moving to big kids beds by talking about it. This might be pointing out their favorite characters on TV who are sleeping in beds. It might be talking about how babies sleep in cribs while big kids sleep in big kids beds. You might even ask what he thinks about the possibility of moving into a bed. Don’t push, but do open up the conversation.

Let Your Child Be a Part of the Process

When children get to be part of the process of the changes in their lives it empowers them and makes them feel more in control of what is happening in their lives. Maybe you could take him shopping for sheets for his new bed. Maybe he could even go with you to look at kids beds and help to pick his out. Giving him some ownership might help to solve his resistance to the idea of moving.

Read Books

There are literally tons of books for children about moving into a bed. Just visit your local library or check out Amazon. Sometimes it can help to see the characters in a book dealing with a situation that he can relate to.

Make it as Familiar as Possible

Try to make the new bed as familiar as possible. Any stuffed animal or blanket that he always has when he goes to bed can be waiting for him on his new bed. It could also be placed in– or as close as possible to– the same spot as the crib.
Hugo bed - single
Make It as Safe as Possible

He has been accustomed to sleeping in a space that would not allow him to roll out of bed. It may be a good idea to get a toddler rail on his new bed to prevent him from getting hurt in the night. Many kids beds fromĀ come with safety rails as an option, but you can also purchase them separately if yours does not.

Transitioning toddlers from cribs into big kids beds can be challenging. Taking the time to help your child adjust can make the change as smooth as possible. These suggestions can give you some ideas of how to approach your child’s move.

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