Avoiding Mistakes Purchasing Kids Furniture

Five Safety Mistakes To Avoid Making Kids Furniture

When you’re on the market for kids furniture, safety should be your priority. Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential hazards when it comes to kids furniture. However, if you make informed decisions about you purchases you can be sure that your child will be safe and you will be satisfied with your furniture selections.

The following are five safety mistakes you need to avoid to make sure that you purchase the right kids furniture.

Failing to choose non-slip furniture pieces.

Furniture pieces need to stay in place even if they are pushed on by energetic young children in order to be safe. You should select tables, beds, chairs, and other Incy Interiors kids furniture pieces that can be expected to stay in place thanks to non-slip legs and bottoms that will have enough friction with the floor.

Choosing furniture pieces with sharp edges.

It’s important to avoid sharp edges and corners on tables and other furniture pieces. Kids have a habit of running around, and their heads tend to be right about at the table level. Avoid sharp edges on tables not only in the kids’ room, but also elsewhere in the house.

If you do have some furniture pieces with sharp edges or corners, you should equip them with a pad or “bumper” that will address this hazard.

Selecting furniture painted with toxic paint.

The furniture design itself is not the only consideration that needs to be taken into account when it comes to the safety of kids furniture. You also need to consider any paints or finishes that have been used on the furniture. Kids can be expected to chew on furniture pieces, so it’s important to make sure that no components of furniture pieces were painted with toxic or lead-based paints.

Purchasing antique or used furniture pieces that don’t conform to safety standards.

One of the number one safety mistakes parents make is choosing outdated kids furniture incy interiors www.incyinteriors.com.au that just can’t keep up with today’s safety standards. If you have any antique or used furniture piece that you want to use, you need to analyze it carefully to make sure it’s safe. If you determine that it’s unsafe, you need to get rid of it.

Generally speaking, any bed or crib with missing slats or slats that are placed to wide apart is not safe. Also, high chairs the you use need to have built-in safety straps. Inspect furniture for loose hardware to prevent scratches.

Buying kids furniture with glass components.

Generally speaking, any furniture pieces with glass components should not be chosen for the kid’s room. Glass makes any furniture piece fragile and easily breakable. You need to choose furniture for the kids room that’s constructed of materials that are highly durable and very unlikely to break. When possible, choose furniture pieces that are made from lightweight polished wood or a smooth plastic material. These types of materials will be durable while also being lightweight enough that the don’t create a significant falling hazard.

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