High Country Spa

High Country Spa


High Country Spa surfaces allow you to realise your visions in deep, breathtaking colour. Choose from a wide range of finishes to fit any decor from stunning, textured granite to smooth, elegant marble styles. Our acrylic has colour that runs true to the core of the material. With proper care your spa will be as rich and lustrous years from now as it is today.

High Country Spas are a family business owned & operated by Greg & Janene Gay in Wodonga. North East Pools & Spas have been servicing the Albury-Wodonga & North-East Victoria region for the past 22 years. All HCS come with many extras as standard, including a choice of pvc or cedar cabinet, with complimentary steps to match. Every hcs has ozone, led light, hard lockable cover, extra thermal coated insulation and on demand economical circ pump as standard. HCS also have removable headrests for ease of cleaning & air blower drainage. Because hcs are locally owned any warranty issues or troubleshooting can be quickly & reliably handled by any of or dealers. You can find a large display including a working spa at the drive in pool shop 3/205 Melboune Rd. Wodonga.


Baby Furniture for your Nursery

Baby Furniture For Your Nursery

Setting up a nursery to welcome a new baby is an act of pure love. A pregnant woman grows more excited as she watches her belly grow. Many potential new moms are delighted about the realization that they’re going to have a room for the new baby. They want to decorate it just right. Part any great decor for the new baby is finding the right kind of baby furniture. A nursery will need to have at least several items in it. This includes storage space for the baby’s many things. Babies need to be kept warm, dry and comfortable. They also need to have a safe space to sleep at night. A baby will also need to have a place where they can formula or mommy’s milk even late night. Proper planning and the right baby furniture make this process easier than ever.
Romy Cot
Basic Items

All parents will need to have certain Baby Furniture by Incy Interiors in their nursery. A parent needs to have a place for the baby to sleep safely. For example, they need to have baby furniture that allows them to get the baby in and out of any sleeping space quickly. The baby might be napping but the parent has to head out and buy groceries. Another must have in baby furniture for the parent is adequate storage space. Babies have lots of things. For example, parents need to have space to keep the baby’s toys. Toys help babies learn about the world around them. Toys such as a favorite stuffed animal also provide comfort as the child heads back to sleep. A parent will want to make sure that their child has toys that enable them to have easy access to all the toys they need to help make their baby happy and relaxed.

Additional Items

In addition to a place to sleep, many parents also want to have baby furniture at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ on hand that allows them to do other things with the baby. Many parents are looking for baby furniture that lets them rock the baby to sleep. Rockers are a good place to hold the baby and have enough support for the parent at the same time. Look for rockers that are sturdy and comfortable. Good support is ideal as is enough space to put up a parent’s feet at the same time. A rocker should also fit comfortably in the room without leaning too close to the walls. Rockers should also be able to stand up to many years of use and still look great. Think about rockers that fit in well with the rest of the decor in the room. This will help create a nursery space that is truly and utterly inviting.

Avoiding Mistakes Purchasing Kids Furniture

Five Safety Mistakes To Avoid Making Kids Furniture

When you’re on the market for kids furniture, safety should be your priority. Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential hazards when it comes to kids furniture. However, if you make informed decisions about you purchases you can be sure that your child will be safe and you will be satisfied with your furniture selections.

The following are five safety mistakes you need to avoid to make sure that you purchase the right kids furniture.

Failing to choose non-slip furniture pieces.

Furniture pieces need to stay in place even if they are pushed on by energetic young children in order to be safe. You should select tables, beds, chairs, and other Incy Interiors kids furniture pieces that can be expected to stay in place thanks to non-slip legs and bottoms that will have enough friction with the floor.

Choosing furniture pieces with sharp edges.

It’s important to avoid sharp edges and corners on tables and other furniture pieces. Kids have a habit of running around, and their heads tend to be right about at the table level. Avoid sharp edges on tables not only in the kids’ room, but also elsewhere in the house.

If you do have some furniture pieces with sharp edges or corners, you should equip them with a pad or “bumper” that will address this hazard.

Selecting furniture painted with toxic paint.

The furniture design itself is not the only consideration that needs to be taken into account when it comes to the safety of kids furniture. You also need to consider any paints or finishes that have been used on the furniture. Kids can be expected to chew on furniture pieces, so it’s important to make sure that no components of furniture pieces were painted with toxic or lead-based paints.

Purchasing antique or used furniture pieces that don’t conform to safety standards.

One of the number one safety mistakes parents make is choosing outdated kids furniture incy interiors www.incyinteriors.com.au that just can’t keep up with today’s safety standards. If you have any antique or used furniture piece that you want to use, you need to analyze it carefully to make sure it’s safe. If you determine that it’s unsafe, you need to get rid of it.

Generally speaking, any bed or crib with missing slats or slats that are placed to wide apart is not safe. Also, high chairs the you use need to have built-in safety straps. Inspect furniture for loose hardware to prevent scratches.

Buying kids furniture with glass components.

Generally speaking, any furniture pieces with glass components should not be chosen for the kid’s room. Glass makes any furniture piece fragile and easily breakable. You need to choose furniture for the kids room that’s constructed of materials that are highly durable and very unlikely to break. When possible, choose furniture pieces that are made from lightweight polished wood or a smooth plastic material. These types of materials will be durable while also being lightweight enough that the don’t create a significant falling hazard.

Kids Beds for Toddlers

How to Help Your Toddler Move Into A Big Kid Bed

Transitioning toddlers into big kids beds can be a process. Change is difficult for most people but it can be especially difficult for little people. Sometimes you get lucky. Some cribs transition into kids beds. That can make the process a lot easier because the change is more gradual. But for those who are moving their children from cribs into kids beds, here are a few tips to help you out.

Avoid Other Transitions

Try to avoid transitioning into big kids’ beds by Incy Interiors at the same time that other changes are happening. If you are working on potty training, maybe you should put the move to a bed on hold. If a new baby is coming– and that is why he is moving to a bed– try to start the move at least 8 weeks before your due date. Taking on too many new things can overwhelm your child and set him back.

Start Talking About It Ahead of Time

Long before you begin making the transition, you might begin easing your child into the idea of moving to big kids beds by talking about it. This might be pointing out their favorite characters on TV who are sleeping in beds. It might be talking about how babies sleep in cribs while big kids sleep in big kids beds. You might even ask what he thinks about the possibility of moving into a bed. Don’t push, but do open up the conversation.

Let Your Child Be a Part of the Process

When children get to be part of the process of the changes in their lives it empowers them and makes them feel more in control of what is happening in their lives. Maybe you could take him shopping for sheets for his new bed. Maybe he could even go with you to look at kids beds and help to pick his out. Giving him some ownership might help to solve his resistance to the idea of moving.

Read Books

There are literally tons of books for children about moving into a bed. Just visit your local library or check out Amazon. Sometimes it can help to see the characters in a book dealing with a situation that he can relate to.

Make it as Familiar as Possible

Try to make the new bed as familiar as possible. Any stuffed animal or blanket that he always has when he goes to bed can be waiting for him on his new bed. It could also be placed in– or as close as possible to– the same spot as the crib.
Hugo bed - single
Make It as Safe as Possible

He has been accustomed to sleeping in a space that would not allow him to roll out of bed. It may be a good idea to get a toddler rail on his new bed to prevent him from getting hurt in the night. Many kids beds from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ come with safety rails as an option, but you can also purchase them separately if yours does not.

Transitioning toddlers from cribs into big kids beds can be challenging. Taking the time to help your child adjust can make the change as smooth as possible. These suggestions can give you some ideas of how to approach your child’s move.

Baby Furniture Essentials

Baby Furniture Essentials
The misgivings that accompany new parenthood fill parents with fright. Given the onslaught of changes that are soon to betide, these sentiments are warranted. Perhaps the most overwhelming process when anticipating the arrival of your offspring is knowing what baby furniture to purchase. From cribs and dressers to monitors and mattresses, the amount of baby furniture required proves quite extensive. With that said, it’s vital to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge before plunging ahead. Here’s a breakdown of staple baby furniture items and helpful tips on how to adequately select them.
Chloe conversion kit
Above all else, a crib should uphold, if not surpass, safety standards. Safety codes are ever-changing, so be sure to spring for a crib that’s no more than two years old.

Crib Mattress
Firm and secure are the hallmarks of a suitable crib mattress. The mattress should fit in the crib like a glove, leaving little to no room between mattress and crib at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. A snug fit bodes well for safety and a good night’s rest. What’s more, the mattress shouldn’t take the shape of a baby’s body. Given their constant movements and fluctuating sleep patterns, the mattress supporting them should remain undisturbed by continual shifting.

When it comes to mattress sheets, less is not more. When your baby inevitably wets the bed, it’s best to have a spare pad to soak up the leakage. With that said, consider purchasing two sets of sheets if you wish to keep your crib intact and undamaged by liquid substances.

Changing Table
Though not necessary, changing tables make the diaper-swapping process incredibly easier. Should you decide to invest in one, ensure that the changing pad has curved edges for safety purposes.

Monitors serve as your eyes and ears when you can’t be physically present to protect your newborn. With that said, it’s imperative to choose a reliable, durable, and efficient baby monitor. One that offers both audio and visual features is an excellent choice. For efficiency purposes, consider testing the monitor out before tossing the receipt.

Parents will go to great lengths to soothe their disgruntled newborn with baby furniture Incy Interiors. Fortunately, rockers and gliders make for an easy alternative. While babies find solace in the mild sways of a rocking chair, it’s crucial for the parent to be comfortable as well. With that in mind, it’s wise to get a feel for the comfortability level of the chair before purchasing it.

Diaper Pail
The amount of times that babies defecate is not to be underestimated. Diaper disposal systems intend to make the discarding of diapers easier with their pragmatic functionalities. What’s more, they’re uniquely designed to mask the stench of a pungent diaper. Save both your time and nostrils with this practical dumping implement.

Looking for affordable, dependable, and quality baby furniture?
If so, consider Incy Interiors as your one-stop shop for baby furniture. To view their full suite of baby furniture products, visit their website.

Kids Chairs

kids chairs

Creating a room for a child is an act of love. A great room is an ideal way for a kid to express who they are and where they plan to be as they grow up. One of the joys of being a parent is being able to pick out furniture that creates the room the child wants. A child will typically want to have several elements in their room. Each element should work well and help the make sure they can do what they need to get done each day from the time they wake up to the time they get to bed. One of the most important pieces in any kid’s room are kids chairs.

A Good Chair

Just like adults, kids chairs at www.incyinteriors.com.au/chairs/come in many different sizes and shapes. Kids chairs tend to be smaller than adult sized chairs. Kids chairs also usually come in materials that are easy to keep clean. For example, kids chairs will often come in materials such as cotton that can be easily washed if they get dirty. A parent may also find kids chairs in other materials such as leather that are more adult. It’s a good idea to think about how the kids chairs will fit in the room before doing anything else. A good chair should help set the scene for the rest of the items in the room including the bed or beds and any type of storage space the parent needs for the child such as a large chest of drawers.

As The Child Grows

Another consideration when picking out kids chairs are the size of the chairs. Just like adults, chairs that are designed for kids may come in varied sizes including large chairs that are intended for more than one person and chairs that only allow a single person to sit there. Each parent should think about what role the chair in the room will take on as the child grows. A good chair for a kid is one that will work well in every single corner of the room all day and all year long.
Hugo settee
More Than One

Some parents will opt to put more than one chair in the room. In that case, it’s often a good idea to buy chairs that have a similar look and style. For example, two kids chairs from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ in a similar fabric and style are good in a room that serves two kids. Each child can have a chair that is right for them and allows them to express their individuality. They can also have a chair that lets each child have their own separate space in the room that is all about them and not about the other sibling. Each child can also have a chair that is all their own to use when doing homework or just reading on a sunny summer Sunday afternoon. Parents should take the time to find the right chair for each child. A well chosen chair will last a long time.

Kids Beds

Kids Beds and Critical Decisions

The concept of shopping for kids beds makes many parents feel incredibly stressed out. It’s a job that’s extremely important, however. It’s also one that parents should never take lightly for a minute. It’s imperative for children of all age groups to get adequate rest at night. Kids who don’t get sufficient sleep run the risk of feeling overly exhausted while at school. Excessive fatigue can sometimes make kids turn to hyperactive and destructive behaviors, too. If you want your child to be able to relish nightly sleep that’s healthy, pleasant and helpful, then you need to look at all of the best kids beds right now, period. Kids beds function similarly to those for adults. The main difference, though, is that they’re markedly smaller. They sometimes come with different kinds of features as well.

If you’re shopping for Kids beds Incy Interiors, you need to comprehend all of the varieties that are out there right now. Some parents are attracted to the classics. Bunk beds are a classic option accessible to parents who have multiple youngsters. If you have twin daughters or a pair of sons who are close together in age, bunk beds may be terrific for them and for their lifestyles. There are other widely known kinds of kids beds you can consider as well. You can think about sleigh beds, panel beds, bookcase beds, metal beds and even storage beds. It’s always smart to assess options in kids beds with caution. If you don’t focus on a specific bed type, you may just lose the chance to get something truly exceptional.

There are kids beds that can be handy for parents who like to multitask. If you want to put your child to bed at night in a piece of furniture that also offers storage benefits, you can do so. All you have to do is check out the options in storage beds. There are beds for children nowadays that provide users with basic storage benefits. There are also children’s beds that include convenient built-in bookshelves. If you want to encourage your child to do a lot of reading, bookshelf beds can be a beautiful thing. These beds can also be suitable for people who want to keep their children’s bedrooms 100 percent tidy. If you detest the sight of clutter on the floor, beds that come with storage can change your life in a wonderful way. Storage kids beds at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ can be good for the safeguarding of toys, games, books and much more.

People can get helpful insight from other parents. If you know a hard-working parent who has a neat and orderly household, you may want to get kids beds suggestions from him or her. This can eliminate a lot of potentially frustrating guesswork for you. Be sure to express all of your requirements as well. If you want a bed for a child that’s made out of powerful metal, indicate that. You should buy a bed that’s constructed using a first-rate material that’s known for ample power.

Penny bed - single

Kids’ Furniture Tips

Tips for Choosing the Best Dealer of Kids’ Furniture

One of the main reasons why parents or guardians work hard is to give their children a better lifestyle than the one they lived. As a parent or guardian, you need to take care of your kids and nurture them to become productive people in the society. Additionally, your children should stay in a clean and healthy environment. For instance, you should have a good shelter for them. Apart from keeping them in a healthy environment, you should buy high-quality furniture for your kids. They should be comfortable with the chairs, beds, and toys that you purchase for them. You need to buy the furniture from the best dealer in your locality. You can also get reliable dealers of kids’ furniture who sell their products and services online. The process of choosing the right dealer of kids’ furniture is usually daunting, especially for new parents. This guide provides essential tips that will assist you to select the best seller of high-quality furniture for your children.

Get Recommendations
If you want to decorate your children’s rooms with Kids furniture Incy Interiors, you should visit the best seller in your locality. Asking around will enable you to get a perfect seller to deliver high-quality children’s furniture to your home. Your friends and relatives will direct you to a well-known seller in your region. Some of your friends may have bought kids’ furniture in the past. They will share their past experiences with you and enable you to make an informed decision when selecting the right dealer.
Jude bookcase
Do Online Research
Today, technology enables people to get information using their electronic devices. Using your smartphone, you can search anything and learn new things. Moreover, you can use these devices to search for the best dealers of children’s furniture in the country. Using the internet, you can easily see online reviews of past clients concerning their past experiences with a particular seller of kids’ furniture. These customers’ testimonials will help you in making the right selection when shopping for kid’s furniture.

Check the License and Reputation of the Dealer
A reputable dealer of kids’ furniture can be found at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. You should not buy your products from companies that do not operate legally. Buying children’s furniture from licensed sellers is secure because they will give you high-quality items for your money. They cannot give you counterfeit children’s furniture to avoid tarnishing the image of the company. Additionally, the government requires them to meet the set standards to sell their goods and services to the members of the public.

In conclusion, you should consider your budget when searching for a seller of kids’ furniture. You need to get your products from an affordable dealer. However, you should not go for the cheapest and poor quality furniture for your kids. Before checking the price of a specific product, you need to check its quality. High-quality kids’ furniture will last for decades without getting worn out. Once you get excellent furniture for your kids, they will live a comfortable life and enjoy every moment in your house.